My Story

I became certified as a Professional Life Coach in late 2019. I would describe my journey to becoming a Life Coach as, “It’s what I was born to do.” Quite literally: I grew up with the limiting belief that the actual reason my parents had me was so that I could help them fix their marriage. That’s how I felt. Because that’s what I did growing up. For most of my life it was as if I only existed as an emotional regulator for the family. I am not proud that it had to be this way; my early family environment damaged me.

I was often alone, thinking hard to find explanations for the dysfunction in my household. I was explaining my mother’s needs to my father, my father’s misgivings to my mother, and all of this unfairness to myself. I was parentified (my parents were my emotional children), and I intellectualized the chaos. I used words to soothe and cope. I was good with words.

My pain and my unmet needs were swept under the rug until age 18 when it all seemed to come to the surface at once. My self-worth fell below ground-zero. I told my highschool psychology teacher “I feel like nobody would care if I killed myself”. She told me she’d have to tell the school that I said that. I begged her not to. Long story short, I started experiencing the symptoms of all of the pain that had been buried during the process of dealing with my family’s pain. I began struggling heavily with my relationship to myself, my relationships to others (work, partners, friends); I had absolutely no idea what I wanted for myself, what I was going to do with my life, or why I was alive in the first place.

Soon I found a Dating Coach on Youtube who was helping me understand why my romantic relationship at the time wasn’t going so well. From this point, I took a deep dive down a self-help – dating coach – spirituality – lifestyle habit – conspiracy theory – diet advice – motivational guru rabbit hole. Fortunately for both of us, I found that the field of psychology had the most realistic things to say concerning my issues. Since then–around 2014–I’ve been studying psychology, and I consider myself to be a serious student. I believe that I will make a unique contribution to the field during my lifetime.

The depth of knowledge I’ve had to attain in order to make sense of the chaos in my life, and the depth of healing I’ve had to do in order to feel comfortable in my skin, make me the Life Coach that I am. I continue to heal, grow, and learn, just like you. I’ve been in therapy since 2019; I’ve had the same therapist since 2021, and I can’t imagine my life without her. In fact, I wish I could have found her earlier! 

Now I offer to my clients what I needed so desperately for so long, and what every human being needs in order to grow: A simple, but sacred, space of support. My clients say I do a decent job at providing this space. That makes me proud.

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